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Storage (Materialverwaltung) -  Monika Hafenscher


Analytical Devices


NMR - Our NMR department (three consoles with 600, 2x400 MHz) has been joined with the NMR department of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry (2x 500MHz) to become the new NMR Center of the Faculty of Chemistry. All devices will be moved to a new location in near future.

  Bruker AV400 (open shop)

Mass Spectrometry - Our MS department has been joined with other MS resources to become the new MS Center of the Faculty of Chemistry

Infrared (+ Raman)

HPLC (Shimazu and Waters)


GC, GC-MS (Agilent)


Preparative Devices

 Microwave Reactors

Hydrogenation apparatuses (H-Cube)


Fallfilm Photo Reactor 


Preparative HPLC (Shimadzu)









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