5th OC SYMPOSIUM for Students

19.06.2024 15:00 - Lecture Hall I (Carl Auer von Welsbach Hörsaal)

This event is aimed at students interested in Organic Chemistry. In memory of Walther Schmid, a former Professor of the Institute of Organic Chemistry, we will award a student for excellent performance in Organic Chemistry during the Bachelor Studies. This is a yearly memorial award which is slowly becoming a tradition at our Institute.

A further highlight will be the guest lecture given by Michael Ingleson (University of Edinburgh).

Participation is free of charge.



Opening and Award Ceremony (Prof. Nuno Maulide)

Walther Schmid Memorial Awards (For excellent performance

in Organic Chemistry during the Bachelor Study)

15:15Presentations of the Awardees of the Walther Schmid Memorial Award

Guest Lecture Prof. Michael Ingleson (University of Edinburgh)

Expanding Directed Electrophilic Borylation

16:30 Poster Session

Bogdan Brutiu (Maulide Group)

Remote Functionalisation of Alkenes

17:15Nils Pellinger (Bonifazi Group)

Synthesis of Boron- and Nitrogen-Doped Helicenes


Tamara Dinhof (Pallitsch Group)

Synthesis of the Phosphonic Acid Analogues to Aminocarboxylic Acids


Sarah Kratzwald (Lichtenecker Group)

Synthesis of an Isotope-labelled Phospho-Tyrosine Building-Block for NMR Interaction Studies


Poster Award and Final Remarks

Symposium Reception